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Commercial Package/Monoline Policies

Admitted, Preferred Program - Super competitive rates!

Commercial Fire, Liability and Liquor available.  Monoline or Package policies available.

New ventures and no prior insurance is acceptable.

Agency and Direct Bill policies are available.

No Contractors through this program - see contractors program.

Most Popular Classes:    Classes Available      Ineligable Risks:
Apartment Buildings
Auto Part Stores
Auto Repair Shops
   (no GL see Tow/Garage Program)
Banquet Halls
Beauty Salon
Building LRO
Building - Owner Occ.
Convenient Stores
Dollar Stores
Grocery Stores
Liquor Stores
Retail Stores
Sport Bars (approval only)
Warehouses and many more...
  • Frame construction
  • Lack of pride in ownership
  • Claim history
    E-mail the underwriter for acceptability
  • If apartments, see Apartment / Condo program ineligable risk list for additional items



Other Great Features:
  • 1.5M maximum fire limit
  • $1M / $2M maximum occ/agg liability
  • $1M maximum Liquor Liability
  • Add'l coverage endorsements are available
  • Habitational units are acceptable with
    mercantile exposure
  • ACV or RC
  • Questions or other classes?
    E-mail the underwriter
Limited Glass ENDT      Extension ENDT

Limits can be increased. Note any requests to increase these limits in the comments section of the quote request.

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